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Obtain the Best in Lumber Products at Compton Lumber Co.

Do you want high-quality wood with unique products and materials? You'll find that all here at Compton Lumber Co. with specialty products and a wide variety of woods. Learn more about what we offer for your building project.

Hardwood Mouldings

Do you want to add a decorative piece of wood to your home? Choose from a variety of woods to select the perfect moulding for you. Our moulding machines have evolved so much that your moulding is neatly and precisely cut, allowing us to create mouldings with intricate detail and in whatever size you need.

We also specialize in older mid-century styles for mouldings, which allows for better quality because of larger moulding sizes. This is a unique product that you won't find in any other lumber store.

Choose from a selection of various wood moulding styles available in a variety of wood types. We don't just carry your standard woods here, but exotic and rare woods from across the world so you can achieve whichever look you want for your home.

Hardwood Lumber

There are many types of woods available throughout the world. At Compton Lumber Co., we carry a wide selection of hardwood lumber so you can have the wood you want. Learn more about what woods we carry and the characteristics of each type of lumber on our Hardwood Lumber page.

Building Materials

Building projects require a lot of supplies. Not only do we carry wood, but we also carry a variety of building materials so that you can get the job done quickly, efficiently, and excellently. From concrete mix to fiberglass, from tape to laminate, we have the supplies you need for either a large commercial building or a home deck.

Visit us for all your lumber products today in Seattle, WA. You may also call us at 206-623-5010.